‘‘ This is an age of protest, the people’s only weapon against the authorities and Nigerian youths are wielding it across every sphere’’

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Protesters at the End Sars demonstration [Credit: Twitter/alfaruqstories]

Protests are the densest form of communication and at times, it is all the people have to try to reshape a nation.

In 2019, Hong Kong had a series of protests lasting months that at times saw over 800,000 protesters marching across the city.

At some point, the protests in certain areas turned dangerous as demonstrators attempted to hold hostage university campuses and public properties.

While the police fought to regain control of these situations, the ‘‘wo, lei, fei,’’ — name for protesters who stick to “peaceful, rational, non-violent” means of resistance and demonstration — continued their protests. …


Ehis Ohunyon

Writer(Sports and Entertainment), Manchester United. Music lover. I believe you can speak things into existence...

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