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My favorite song off the Clone Wars Volume 3 project by Nigeria’s rap group, Show Dem Camp aptly titled, “Live. Love. Laugh. Eat” featuring Sir Dauda symbolizes everything that i desire from life.

With Ghost belting lyrics like “Money don’t change you, it reveals what is already there, a rich man will buy anything that you selling, a broke man will believe anything that you tell him”

“Try not to get too caught up with all this cake money, it’s really just a illusion, it’s all fake money... To all of my mistakes, may the lessons be learned, its been a long grind but success is simply a process so when mine comes, i know its being earned.”

Life throws us into the darkest of abyss attimes but I have come to the knowledge that God will not take us through a storm that which we are not equipped and able to pass through. To live a healthy life is to celebrate your little steps. To live a healthy life is to stay far away from comparisons and develop yourself personally, having faith in God.

Your happiness should never be negotiated irrespective of your present circumstances, just take a breath, Live. Love. Laugh and Eat.

Your Friend.


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Writer(Sports and Entertainment), Manchester United. Music lover. I believe you can speak things into existence...

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