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So I have been on the social media platform, Twitter for a while now, wayback 2009 or thereabout, that place is actually a mad house and I have witnessed quite a lot through the lens of my timeline, from hashtags to various lists, to seeing mediocrity celebrated and people who are yet to do something tangible with their lives become overlords based on the number of their followers, (it was a struggle but yeah me too have hit the 1,000 ffers mark, yeaaahhh, postpones my appreciation speech), I have also through this platform been exposed to more people who share my passion for music, sports and writing. I was there when Occupy Naija built a foundation, I witnessed the #BringBackOurGirls movement with the funny lady who took a selfie of herself on a daily as she counted the number of days and then I was sort of involved in the madness that led to the 2015 general elections, I have seen it all on twitter, hence when I signed onto Medium, I thought of what my first article should be about, then it hit me one morning as I walked very early to my bus-stop heading to work, why don’t I share my twitter story.

Now I’m going to do this more in group than in handles really, this diary tells of people I have come across on twitter and who have knowingly or unknowingly added something to my life and where I am today, so this may come across as me saying Thank you in some way and yeah I do really wish to meet everyone on this list someday, and just before I begin, lemme state, I miss the old twitter days, those days when all I discussed largely is music and there was less drama, shout out to @amblors and @quaknorr wherever you guys at today, thanks for the memories, now lemme get to it.

A- My Sports Guys (@theyomikazeem and @biolakazeem)

Now it is only fair that I start with what I am most passionate about. For the records, I am a radio man, I grew up listening to the radio, my brother introduced me very early to the Larry Izamojes of this world before he became Brila fm, then I stumbled on the Deji’s (Deji Omotoyinbo and Deji Tinubu) and those guys took my idea of sports broadcasting to levels almost unmatchable and I dare to say I still listen to them regularly but the likes of Joseph Faulkner has watered down what the show used to be.

Now to my guys them, the Kazeem brothers, allow me start from my egbon, if all you know about Biola Kazeem a.k.a Layon, a.k.a Doer is what you see of his tweets, you could be misled in many ways, Biola comes on really strong with his views, especially on politics and sports (many United fans actually disagree with his LVG stance), but luckily for someone like me, I have been following him for a long while, way before twitter, the many sports programs he featured on including the one he did with Bada and for me he always stood out whether analyzing or anchoring, I see a man who is very intelligent, quite assured, strongly opinionated and really good at what he does. I was fortunate to meet Biola sometime in 2015 and he was actually the one who spotted me out of the crowd, was quite without airs and couldn’t stop talking about his favorite girl, Fifi (Congrats again on Obanla’s arrival Sir). As for Yomi though, I would try to say very little about this young man who has influenced my life in more ways than he knows, I first came across Yomi around the period he wrote an article on his NYSC years, coincidentally I was also serving during that period and seeing he was a brother to Biola, I got intrigued. He published my first football article on the soccernation blog, always ready to advice on matters I bring to his table, witty, a sports analyst ahead of his time, watched him do his thing at the inaugural edition of #KingOfTheConsole and boy, he worked and much as he talks, he was everywhere, emceeing, co-coordinating, shouting ‘Ivan’ or ‘Joseph’ every time and just ensuring things went smoothly, his analysis especially when it comes to happenings in FIFA, the rise of the Chinese league, football income and revenues is a delight to listen. The Kazeem brothers are indeed an interesting duo to follow. Listen to them on Futbol Tonight along with their gang and you will laugh loads while being treated to the best of football analysis in the land (even though commercials don dey too much these days).

B- My Guys dem

This second group is actually about some bunch of troublemakers, weird guys and largely dependable dudes who have somehow gone from online to real-life. It’s basically a group of guys I met on twitter but who have grown to become friends in many ways, these are guys I banter with plenty, we even hold opposite views on various issues but at least for me, there are certain lines I cannot cross with these guys, and no twitter craze will make me lose my respect for them. This list comprises of my man and the only married man @jorge_d_best, shouts to Jorge, big big shouts to this fellow, easily one of the most determined guys I have ever met, I never do events or concerts, not to talk of late outings, especially on a workday, Jorge got me heading to Koko Lounge on a Monday night after I had just returned from work at 8pm in what was our first ever meeting to go watch Mode9 perform. Jorge got married when all his friends were saying the timing wasn’t right, at a point where he was even just settling down into his new job, Jorge is indeed the best.

@Juzt_Courage is another crazy dude who makes this list, could be troublesome, we stand on opposite sides politics wise, he supports the football side I detest, thinks highly of one rapper I care not about, ‘failed rapper turned critic (yeah, I said it, even though ‘Courage or Fame still bangs on my playlist), but dude is street smart, book smart, supportive (like dude came in from Warri just for Jorge’s wedding), dude is talented, hustles hard and very true to his own, like what you see is what you get, he is that open and I’m quite proud to know him. Big shouts to @cerebrone, the ‘narrowly escaping dwarfism’ one in our midst, for all the jokes and bants I throw about his height, dude packs intelligence, creativity and ideas in that small frame of his. I had the privilege of spending a night in one small hotel room with these two guys and through sleepy eyes we just shared and bonded at a deeper level. I respect you guys more than you know.

Finally @Teajae_, easily the nicest, weirdest and ‘uniquest’ lady i met on twitter, lemme end this here.

C- My Political Guys

Now these are three guys I have never met, two of them lean more towards the APC, @DoubleEph and @AO1379. Feyi Fawehinmi and Akin Oyebode are two of those guys I stumbled on in the run-up to the last elections, but whilst I have unfollowed almost every other person who largely tweets politics, these two offer way much more. They are both strong writers (Eph actually introduced me to Medium), they are real smart guys and actually offer way much more than just dirty politics, Governor Ambode was smart to bring Akin onboard and Feyi’s article titled ‘How To Snare A President’ is a winner all day. Also on this list is the man from the other party Mr @DemolaRewaju of the PDP, now I remember when someone sent me a DM complaining about Demola who he claims was my guy, that got me laughing as I had actually disagreed more often than not with him. My first encounters with Demola was totally as a writer as I had no idea of his political affiliations (I got introduced to his articles by Timi Ogunde, I will talk about Timi in another article), Demola is definitely levels smarter than his fellow ‘PDP Think Tank’ members, definitely sound and knows how to use this to his advantage and if you can somehow ignore his ‘endless political’ tweets, you will find a fine father and a really hardworking and talented writer.

So outside the music angle which I should cover in another piece, there is my twitter diary which has a splash of Sports, drama and politics.


Writer(Sports and Entertainment), Manchester United. Music lover. I believe you can speak things into existence...

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